Metaldehyde - Accidental annihilator of slimy things (and occasionally people)

  • cyclic polymer of acetaldehyde (like paraldehyde only more grandiose) that has a funky-lookin' chemical structure
  • first used as a combustible fuel ("meta-fuel" tablets) in Europe in the 1920s
  • discovered to be an effective molluscicide (murders innocent slugs and snails) by accident in the 1930s
    • how it apparently happened: "A lady who was using [metaldehyde] to heat her curling tongs threw the remains out the window afterwards and observed an assemblage of dead slugs"
  • has also been in cloud seeding experiments
  • in addition to molluscs, is toxic to all other animals, and has been reported to be responsible for poisonings of pets, wild animals, and birds
  • toxicity in humans is generally mild (gut pain, dizziness, barfing, seizures) but occasionally fatal
    • its toxic effects may be produced directly or by its metabolites, which include acetaldehyde (acetaldehyde poisoning produces a similar symptom complex)
    • death is usually the result of the depression of brain regions responsible for controlling your lungs and heart
  • has been shown to reduce brain levels of norepinephrine and serotonin in mice, and this effect was reduced with clonidine or diazepam
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