Oseltamivir (Tamiflu)

Ladies and gents, I have acquired for my own personal use a flu bug. Posts will resume when I can get out of bed. Cheers.

Update: I can eat solid food once again! Yes!

Thank you for all your kind words, readers!

Some factoids about our good friend oseltamivir:

  • used to fix people with the flu (the flu being an infection with the influenza virus, not a bacterial gastroenteritis, natch)
    • used in those who: (a) aint none too good at fighting infections (babies, kids, old folks, etc.) or (b) are infected with crazy deadly strains of the influenza virus
    • works against both Influenzavirus A (the one that keeps on mutating and causing all these pandemic scares) and Influenzavirus B (the one that pretty much just keeps to itself, oh, and makes people wonderfully miserable during that special time in the winter)
  • inhibits neuraminidase, a viral enzyme that the bugs need to escape from cells after they infect and multiply like crazy inside them
  • given the current limited supplies of this drug, it could be potentially given along with probenecid, a drug that inhibits the elimination of oseltamivir from the body via the kidneys (urine), in order to stretch supplies
    • probenecid was used in this manner to deal with a limited supply of penicillin during the Second World War
  • recently reported to have caused a number of Japanese kids to go nuts (hallucinations and delirium)
  • got myself ten boxes of this bad boy in the fallout shelter out back fer when the Bird Flu drops its mighty payload of retribution on the world's populace

5 chemically inspired comments:

estocastica said...

Feel better. I'm fighting off something myself.

Anonymous said...

Feel better soon!

-An Avid Reader

Ursa said...

Make sure to take good notes!1 (;

Seriously, though, feel better. The flu has sounded and looked nasty this year.

Anonymous said...

Feel better soon!

(we miss you lol)

Wim L said...

Made from star anise --- which, I hear, has led to shortages of the spice as people have fearfully stocked their fallout shelters with boxes of tamiflu.