Myristicin and Elemicin

  • found in nutmeg and mace, two common spices that are produced from the seed and aril, respectively, of Myristica fragrans, a nice lookin' tree with green leaves that is native to tropical southeast Asia and Australasia
  • are responsible for the psychedelic action of these spices
    • about 1-2 teaspoons of spice can really mess you up: euphoria, visual hallucinations, psychosis, and feelings of impending doom and unreality PLUS impressively potent nausea, vomiting, and tremors (and lots of other stuff)
    • nutmeg was at one point used therapeutically at doses of nine teaspoonfuls daily to control diarrhea associated with thyroid cancer
    • makes sense since both compounds structurally resemble mescaline
  • apparently myristicin is a moderately effective antibacterial agent, which would potentially make it a useful natural preservative
Narasimhan B, Dhake AS. Antibacterial principles from Myristica fragrans seeds. J Med Food. 2006 Fall;9(3):395-9.

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Anonymous said...

...not forgetting that intravenous nutmeg is incredibly toxic!

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CND said...

Best symptom ever. Or worst.

Ursa said...

Who puts nutmeg in an IV? That's making me laugh. I'm now imagining someone with a spicerack, shaking things into the IV line... (;

Anonymous said...

Not to mention being pretty interesting precursor material for the al/hg shit.

Pretty neat. pihkal. all that.

simple hydrocarbons have me unable to talk, whew golly.