Nepetalactone - Kitty in the sky with diamonds

100% Pure Catnip by Cosmic Pet

  • psychedelic present in catnip (Nepeta cataria) that causes cats to party hearty (sniffing, rolling around, rubbing their chin against things, etc.)
  • unusual since most psychotropic drugs (those that act on the brain) affect a wide variety of mammalian species (this drug only appreciably affects cats)
    • causes a mild buzz in humans
  • only works by inhalation, feeding cats the plant in an encapsulated form (as a pill) produces no effect
  • is a terpenoid, a class of aromatic (as in they have a scent, not a benzene ring) chemicals that include menthol, camphor and the cannabinoids (THC baby!)
  • insect repellent and aphid sex pheromone (besides the inherent awesomeness of this, it also enables the drug to be used to promote the spread of aphid diseases as a green alternative to using insecticides)
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