2,5-Dimethoxy-4-methylamphetamine (DOM)

  • psychedelic derivative of mescaline first synthesized by Alexander Shulgin, a researcher/professor at the University of California who has synthesized and personally tested over a hundred such derivatives (he has written a couple of books on his experiences)
  • aka STP - the origin of this name is unknown but suggested acronyms include: Serenity, Tranquillity and Peace, Super Terrific Psychedelic, and (my personal fav) Stop The Police
  • appeared suddenly in the Haight-Ashbury district (home of the Grateful Dead and many other dirty hippy bands) of San Francisco in 1967
  • at higher doses (10-30 mg) produces an effect that has been described as like being on LSD and amphetamine at the same time, with a duration of more than 16 hours and the effects fading and recurring in waves (needless to say, it has caused a lot of people to freak the heck out)
Perrine, Daniel M. The chemistry of mind-altering drugs: history, pharmacology, and cultural context. Washington, DC: American Chemical Society, 1996.

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