Getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow, folks. Should be fun.

This is a prime time for you, oh dedicated or happenstance reader, to write a guest post for this blog. So long as it is related to drugs and poisons I'm happy. Interesting drug/poison experiences (see the link above this post for details) would be especially awesome. Send 'em to [email protected] and be sure put something related to the site in your subject line, otherwise it might be doomed to a slow death in the Junk folder. Assuming I can operate a computer in a codeine-induced haze, this should be fun. Actually, if I'm high out of my mind, it'll be fun regardless. Whee! As always, I'll link back to your website, if you have one.

In other news, one of the widely used drugs for the treatment of genital herpes is valtrex. Though, it has its side effects as well, i.e. gastrointestinal excitement and abdominal pain. So, it's highly recommended to get complete drug info before use. Another drug zyrtec, also causes feelings of drowsiness. That's why all drugs must be taken with caution.

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