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I use Google Analytics to track the people (including you, welcome reader!) who visit my blog. In addition to telling me how many people visit each day and where they are from and exactly what web browsing software they are utilizing (Firefox rules!), I get to see what keywords bring people to my blog. In other words, what they are typing into Google (or Yahoo or MSN Search or whatever) that gets them here. Occasionally these queries are stated as questions, some of which are inadvertently answered by the contents of this blog, others of which are not. Therefore, in the interest of keeping things mildly interesting (which is the only sort of interesting that I do) I am going to attempt to answer some of the more unique questions that have been posed. Please note that I've edited for spelling or grammar where necessary.

Does catnip cause hangovers in cats ?

Hmm. Well, catnip contains a psychedelic drug, and most psychedelic drugs that I have heard of will cause a mild hangover in some people, so it's possible that some cats do experience negative effects after going nuts on catnip. I realize that is a weak answer, but I can't really ask my cat and it doesn't appear that anyone in the scientific community has studied this particular aspect of catnip use. What I want to know is if they get flashbacks. Because that would explain so very much.

Why does Pepto Bismol make poo black ?

The manufactures of said fine product have answered this question here.

Can Benadryl make you fat ?

Diphenhydramine (Benadryl) is an antihistamine (opposes the action of histamine, which is responsible for many of the symptoms of an allergic reaction) and sedative. It is also used as an antiemetic. I've looked through three pharmacology textbooks (I swear), and none of them mentioned weight gain as a side effect of this drug. Given that two known side effects of this drug are loss of appetite and nausea, I'm going to say that no, Benadryl does not make you fat.

How does Clostridium difficile toxin kill you ?

I totally sort of answered this one already! The toxins produced by C. difficile can cause pseudomembranous colitis (a particular type of infection of the colon) and toxic megacolon, which can lead to the development of sepsis, shock, and/or perforation of the colon with generalization of the infection. In such cases, death usually occurs from septic shock.

Can an overdose on amitriptyline kill you ?
Is a tylenol overdose a good way to die ?

My, aren't we a morbid bunch. An overdose of either of these drugs can kill you, and in both cases, it is a terrible way to die. While I'm at it, aspirin is a really bad idea too.

6 chemically inspired comments:

PunkAndy said...

thank you for all of your hard work dedication and information. i have a question that i hope you can answer-i recently heard that a person could ingest copy machine toner and the result would be similar to GHB. 1) do you know if this is true? 2) what method and amounts would said hypothetical person have to use to achieve this effect?

estocastica said...

punkandy, for some reason your question made me lol! Can't wait to hear CND's response to that question. :)

My Head Is Too Big said...


Thanks. Good work.

The Twins, Ally & Alex said...

i need to know for sure if drinking a bottle of Grape-Flavoured Children's Dimeatapp will get you high ("fucking high", to be exact).
can you please do a post on awesome-derelic ways to get high? (read: cough syrup, can of whipped cream, sharpies)

David said...

Abuot punkandy's, in an episode of House, someone tried to kill themselves by ingesting copier toner. They got really sick and hallucinated, but there were other underlying problems, not to mention that that's a tv show.

CND said...

Dear punkandy,

Ok, so photocopy toners can be dry or liquid. I'm going out on a huge limb here and guessing that you are referring to the liquid variety, since choking down a bunch of dry power would suck much ass.

To the best of my very limited knowledge on the subject (and the internet and my textbooks haven't been all that helpful either), liquid toners are comprised of toner and solvent. I'm guessing that the toner won't get you high. The solvent can apparently be many things, but is often an aliphatic hydrocarbon. Reported symptoms of exposure to such hydrocarbons include a feeling of inebriation (drunkenness), dizziness, and visual disturbances. So vaguely like GHB. However, these symptoms were reported following inhalation of the hydrocarbons, not ingestion. When you ingest a hydrocarbon solution, you often puke, and this often results in you inhaling some of the solution. As far as method and dosing go, I have no friggin' clue. All I know is I personally wouldn't go near the stuff.

P.s. Chugging a bottle of Grape-Flavoured Children's Dimetapp will get you high, but it can also cause a long list of other effects, many of which are unpleasant and even dangerous. You'd be much better off to go with something that has dextromethorphan as the sole active ingredient, and even then, there are risks involved.

P.p.s. A full-fledged solvent post is on it's way, my dear.