• has been compared to methamphetamine (crystal meth, crank) in terms of its effects (both are stimulants that produce intense euphoria) but has a longer duration of action (typically >12 hours)
  • the infinite creativity and apparent rampant dislike of pronouncing and/or spelling actual chemical names in the street drug community has resulted in this compound also being called: Euphoria, U4EA (clever!), U4Euh (!), 4MA, 4-MAR, and 4-MAX
  • derivative of the appetite suppressant (anorectic) aminorex, which was popular in Europe in the 1970s (hmm...something popular in Europe in the 1970s that causes one to lose their appetite...could it be, oh i dunno, ABBA?! OH HE'S ON FIRE TODAY FOLKS!)
  • both aminorex and U4Euh (it's growing on me) have been associated with pulmonary hypertension (which is pretty bad, but there are worse things)
  • apparently is relatively easy to synthesize in your kitchen using old cookware and phenylpropanolamine (an OTC diet pill)
Gaine SP, Rubin LJ, Kmetzo JJ, Palevsky HI, Traill TA. Recreational use of aminorex and pulmonary hypertension. Chest. 2000 Nov;118(5):1496-7.

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ABBA is a multi-national treasure. Have you not seen Mamma Mia?!? They made the SONGS into a PLAY. Can the New Pornographers claim that? I didn't think so.

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Eeeeeee-yikes. Maybe it's not too hard to synthesize at home, but holy crap I wouldn't wanna try... Requires cyanogen bromide, or KCN and Br2, none of which are friendly at all!!