10 Nov 2016

Dig This - Mosaic Tells In-Depth Life Science Stories

Mosaic is an online magazine that publishes exceptionally well written stories on science topics related to human health and the environment. There's a new story every week.

Here's a selection of drug- or poison-related stories they've published in the past year:

Cleaning up the Herbal Healers
"Around 70 per cent of people in Ghana depend on herbal medicines for almost all their healthcare. For many of them, there is no question about whether herbal medicines work: they just do, and they have for centuries."

Why Are We Still Waiting for the Male Pill?
"While scientists can work on how hormonal drugs are taken and their side-effects, one downside seems unavoidable. It takes one to four months to clear out already-made sperm and achieve the contraceptive effect, and a similar period for fertility to return."

How the Mafia is Causing Cancer
"According to one mafia supergrass, for many years businesses in the prosperous north of the country paid organised crime to dispose of toxic waste illegally rather than pay far higher rates to have it dealt with safely. So the Camorra, the crime syndicate that operates across Campania, contaminated great chunks of their own backyard, littering the landscape with heavy metals, solvents and chlorinated compounds."

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