15 Nov 2016

Daily Reads - November 15, 2016

AP - Cholesterol Drug Shows Promise to Help Reverse Heart Disease
"Repatha and a similar drug, Praluent, block PCSK9, a substance that interferes with the liver’s ability to remove cholesterol from the blood. Too much cholesterol, along with other substances, can build up and form plaque in arteries."

BuzzFeed - Drugs Are Getting Into Our Rivers, And That’s Bad News For The Fight Against Antibiotic Resistance
"When you take, say, ibuprofen for a headache, not all of the drug is broken down by your body. The bit that you don't break down ends up in your urine, which then goes down the sewer and into sewage treatment works."

Al Jazeera - Portugal: Fifteen Years of Decriminalised Drug Policy
"The methadone programme is part of a drug policy shift that Portugal underwent 15 years ago, under the left-leaning government of Jorge Sampaio. The country was suffering from a huge heroin problem."

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