10 Nov 2016

Daily Reads - November 10, 2016

The Atlantic - A New Test of Pot's Potential to Replace Painkillers
"Lindley, a neurobiologist, is about to begin the first study ever to directly compare cannabis with an opioid painkiller (in this case, oxycodone) for treating people with chronic pain. She got a grant for this research two years ago, but it has taken that much time to meet all the requirements for working with a drug the federal government still considers highly dangerous."

Live Science - Oldest Beer Brewed from Shipwreck's 220-Year-Old Yeast Microbes
"'It's got quite a sweet taste — some people have described it as almost a cider or fresh taste — which has come from the yeast,' said project leader David Thurrowgood, a conservator and chemist at the Queen Victoria Museum at Launceston in Tasmania."

STAT - Trump's Victory is a Likely Roadblock to Medical 'Cures' Package
"The Senate's plan to speed new drugs and medical devices to market just hit an unexpected roadblock: President-elect Donald Trump."

STAT - 'Pink,' a Synthetic Opioid Linked to Nearly 50 US Deaths, to be Banned
"The Drug Enforcement Administration is poised to ban a little-known drug called U-47700, also known colloquially as 'pink.'"

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